We are open – Level 5 lockdown Oct/Nov 2020

Covid-19 LEVEL 5 lockdown - We are open We remain open during the level 5 lockdown announced on the 19th October 2020 for essential Physical Therapy appointments. Massage appointments will not be available until further notice.  We are also offering online...

Neck Pain – If I could change one thing

Neck Pain – If I could change one thing

Neck Pain – if I could just change one thing… With the increases in those working from home now due to Covid-19 I think there will be more cases of neck and shoulder pain. This will be mainly due to working from inadequate sets ups at kitchen tables, bedrooms, or the...

Rock climbing: Flexible Fingers and Wrists

Rock climbing: Flexible Fingers and Wrists

A climber with a finger injury.... This blog is inspired by a client who had attended the clinic with a finger injury. As part of his assessment we noticed how poor his finger flexibility was particularly on the injured hand. If you take a look at the photo below you...

Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

Plantar fasciitis can also be referred to as heel pain or heel spurs. In this blog I'm going to take a deep look at plantar fasciitis so you can understand why you have heel pain and what you need to do to help resolve it.Plantar Fasciitis is described as pain felt on...

Achilles Pain in Sport

Achilles Pain in Sport

In this post I take a look at Achilles injury.  Achilles injuries are common and up to 57% of runners will experience it at some stage. It is most commonly experienced as pain in the middle of the Achilles tendon during or after sport. This is called mid...

Pain over the kneecap – a quick summary

Pain over the kneecap – a quick summary

Common symptoms Pain over the kneecap is termed patellofemoral pain (PFP). The most common symptom is pain over or under the kneecap which can be hard to get your fingers on. People often experience pain using the stairs, going from a sitting to...

Testimonial #1

I attended Karen weekly in the run up to my last marathon and Karen was very effective in ensuring my body was able to recover quickly from my long runs. I have no hesitation recommending the Maple Clinic – Matt

Testimonial #7

Effective, progressive treatments delivered with clear communication of what is being done and why it’s important. No nonsense ankle fixing. – Brian O’Doherty

Testimonial #6

Good advice and good work, do the exercises they give you, they work! – Terry O’Connor

Testimonial #5

Turn up, get a straight answer and get fixed in no time; can’t ask for any more! – Kevin Marnane

Testimonial #4

Fantastic. Super professional, effective treatment, good value and really flexible hours. Couldn’t fault it – Ruth McKenna

Testimonial #3

“I just wanted to let you know that I completed my ‘big’ cycle, Le Marmotte last week-end…without any aches or pains and I actually enjoyed the (long!) day. Thank you; it made a big difference.” – Deirdre

Testimonial #2

I have no hesitation recommending The Maple Clinic to anyone looking for a thorough and personable approach to physical therapy – Brian Geraghty

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