Start the new year with a strong body via Pilates!

We enjoyed teaching our autumn classes so much we are going to run some more in January starting on Thursday 14th of Jan. We have two classes with only 8 participants per class to allow for good attention. The classes run for 8 weeks and cost €80. Pre booking is required and to ensure continuity in the classes no drop in places are available.

  • At 7pm, Pilates for Sport/Athletes – a class aimed at those involved in sports such as running, cycling, triathlon or team sports. In this class we focus on developing core strength but also correcting muscular imbalances which can lead to sport injuries we common see in the clinic. Some places remain.
  • At 8pm, Beginners Pilates – this is a introductory level class aimed at building a good foundation of core strength and improving mobility. It is particularly suitable for those with back pain. Currently all places are booked up.

Pilates Class Feedback

We had some great feedback from the class participants which always helps encourage us…see photo 🙂

We really want our participants to get the most from the class so we aim to provide clear exercise descriptions and to break down the exercises so they are done correctly. However we also recognise that everyone is different and not everyone will be able to do each exercise, so we work with any restrictions you may have. No one is pushed to do an exercise, above all we do not want anyone to leave our classes injured.

Check out our Pilates page for more information or call us on 01-5441225

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