Regulation of Physical Therapy

Regulation of Physical Therapy

We are delighted to announce that the Minister for Health has decided to introduce statutory regulation for Physical Therapists and Physiotherapists. This means that both professions will be regulated by CORU through the Physiotherapist Registration Board and only those registered on the board are permitted to use these titles.

CORU is Ireland’s multi-profession health regulator.

This decision recognises the standard of education, training, conduct and care provided by Physical Therapists who are members of the Irish Association of Physical Therapists.

What does it mean for our clients? When regulation comes in force, it means you know that your therapist has undertaken the appropriate and recognised training which gives them the knowledge to treat you safely. Your physical therapist has complete a specified number of hours of training per annum so they remain up to date with the latest changes in treatments and research. They also have to ensure they provide a high level of care in a professional manner.

The press release from the Irish Association of Physical Therapists is copied below:

IAPT Press Release 18/02/2016

The Irish Association of Physical Therapists has welcomed the recent decision of the Minister for Health to introduce a new regulatory regime for Physical Therapists and Physiotherapists. This regime will see both Physical Therapists and Physiotherapists becoming regulated by CORU through the Physiotherapists Registration Board.  In the future, only persons registered with CORU will be permitted to use the professional titles of Physical Therapist and Physiotherapist..

The Association recognises that the Minister has listened to the very strong case made on behalf of Physical Therapists by our members, many of our patients and public representatives in recent months. 

While some further clarification is required on the full implications of the decision for the Institute of Physical Therapy and Applied Science, the Minister has put forward a solution which protects the public interest, without putting at risk livelihoods and practices developed over years of diligent and professional effort.

The IAPT is particularly pleased that the Minister’s decision is rooted in the agreement reached with the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists in May 2012. The agreement was based on the mutual recognition of the educational levels and clinical standards that both physical therapists and physiotherapists possess. This historic agreement upheld the ethos of both professions equally and now our attention turns to securing the future of the physical therapy ethos in Ireland.

We look forward to working with CORU in implementing this new regulatory regime.

We would like to thank all of our supporters for their invaluable contributions to the IAPT’s campaign. We also thank our representatives for their pivotal contributions; Senior Counsel, David Conlon Smyth, Barry Lennon B.L. and Niamh McKeever of DAC Beachcroft, Solicitors. Their expertise in this area has been a key component of our success.



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