infographic of average age of an injured runnerThe bad news if you are a runner in your 30’s is that you are now in the decade where you are mostly likely to get a running injury.

This data came from an analysis of 2002 injured runners published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. They took note of the injury of every runner presenting to a sports medicine centre over a 2 year period. Each runner was referred to the clinic by a GP and assessed by a Sports Medicine Specialist. They runner underwent a physical and bio-mechanical assessment, as well as any other tests needed to diagnosed the injury such as x-ray, MRI etc. This data was captured along with other information and the average findings published.

So what injuries could you expect in your 30’s or early 40’s???

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Overall the most common location for injury is the knee. The top 5 most common running injuries recorded were:

  1. Patellofemoral pain syndrome (pain around the kneecap sometimes called runners knee)
  2. ITB
  3. Plantar fasciitis (pain affecting the heel and arch of the foot)
  4. Meniscal injuries (knee cartilage)
  5. Injuries around the shin.

Some running injuries are more common in men than women, and vice vearsa. Men are more likely to get plantar facsiitis, knee cartilage injury, patellar tendinopathy, Achilles injuries, calf, adductor injury and osteoarthritis in the knee. Women are more at risk of patellofemoral pain syndrome, ITB, gluteus medius (hip), and sacroiliac injuries.

If you would like to read the analysis carried out by researchers Taunton et al in more detail you can access it here

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