Video Consultations

While the clinic is closed in line with HSE guidelines regarding Covid-19 we are introducing online video consultations for our clients with existing or new injuries. Our ability to perform a thorough assessment may be limited as we cannot put or hands on to test a joint, or palpate an area for tenderness or strain. However for many injuries we will be able to do a broad biomechanical screen by looking at the way your body moves and how you report discomfort in these movements. At present, there will be no charge for this service for existing clients.

We hope to do this using Zoom, Skype or WhatApps depending on what suits you. We will be in touch when you book to check which method you prefer.

If your injury is suitable, we will then be able to give you some rehabilitation to start you on the road for recovery. For many joints this should make positive changes to reduce the discomfort you feel. If you are unsure, we can discuss this prior to starting the consultation so please feel free to ring or email us, or to add any notes to an appointment booking and we can call you.

Please get in contact to book a consultation on 01-5441225 or

In preparation for an online video call please:

  • wear clothing that allows us see the area that is injured e.g. shorts for leg injuries, vest tops for ladies with shoulder injuries, short sleeves for elbow or wrist injuries.
  • if you are able to observe yourself in a mirror that would be great, but not essential
  • ensure you have access to floor space to perform movements or exercises we do with you
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