Sports Massage for Legs from Maple Clinic Dublin


For over 8 years we have been working with national and international athletes, enhancing their recovery and resolving minor niggles they may have.

Chat with us regarding what you hope to get from the appointment and we can tailor a sports massage to suit your sport and requirements…. whether it is to loosen out tight or stiff areas, improve flexibility, or just a flush out prior to or after a big event.

As the massage is given by Physical Therapists we can keep an eye out for areas of potential injury and advise you on preventative measures to take.

Appointments are 45-50mins in length including time to take details and dress.

Deep Tissue Shoulder Pain Massage from Maple Clinic Dublin


Our deep tissue massage is a firm massage that works into areas of tension or pain. It is not a “relaxation” type massage but is suitable for those looking for relief from muscle and joint pain such as in the back, neck or shoulder.

It is very popular with those suffering from pain and tightness such as from work, stress, or arthritis, and for maintenance of long standing joint pain. We also recognise not everyone wants to follow an exercise programme, but as we are Physical Therapists we can provide exercises or postural advice that can help with longer term pain relief if you wish.

If you are suffering from acute pain we will perform a short assessment to understand the cause of the pain and to ensure that we do no harm when performing the massage.

Appointments are 45 – 50 mins in length including time to take details and dress.

Testimonial #1

I attended Karen weekly in the run up to my last marathon and Karen was very effective in ensuring my body was able to recover quickly from my long runs. I have no hesitation recommending the Maple Clinic – Matt

Testimonial #7

Effective, progressive treatments delivered with clear communication of what is being done and why it’s important. No nonsense ankle fixing. – Brian O’Doherty

Testimonial #6

Good advice and good work, do the exercises they give you, they work! – Terry O’Connor

Testimonial #5

Turn up, get a straight answer and get fixed in no time; can’t ask for any more! – Kevin Marnane

Testimonial #4

Fantastic. Super professional, effective treatment, good value and really flexible hours. Couldn’t fault it – Ruth McKenna

Testimonial #3

“I just wanted to let you know that I completed my ‘big’ cycle, Le Marmotte last week-end…without any aches or pains and I actually enjoyed the (long!) day. Thank you; it made a big difference.” – Deirdre

Testimonial #2

I have no hesitation recommending The Maple Clinic to anyone looking for a thorough and personable approach to physical therapy – Brian Geraghty

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