Physical Therapy

Our Approach:


we aim to resolve the root cause of the problem,

and not to just focus on the symptoms.


Government announcement 19/10/20  – We are open for essential Physical Therapy appointments during the Level 5 lockdown

We continue to follow HSE and HSPC infection control guidelines. We have introduced new procedures in our appointments to reduce the spread of Covid-19. This has changed how our appointments work. Please see our guidelines for more information here

Our Physical Therapy Treatment Approach

Sport or Activity Specific Assessments
Physical Therapy. Sketal and muscle anatomyWhen we assess a joint we aim to assess above and below that joint where applicable. We look at your general posture, we look at how the joint moves in relation to other areas of the body and also assess for muscle and joint strength and flexibility. The outcome of the assessment helps to determine the treatment and rehabilitation approach.


For example, calf, shin and knee pain is often due to muscle imbalances around the hip and pelvis which can lead to biomechanical changes in the way you walk, run or cycle. Over time this can lead to pain at the knee. For long term resolution, physical therapy treatment and sports pain rehabilitation needs to address these issues.

When assessing neck pain we also look at shoulder movement, movement of the thoracic spine (upper back), general body posture, and also which muscles you use in breathing. Muscles that support the neck region can come from the upper back, and some also help with breathing. If there are reductions in flexibility or tightness in these regions it can contribute to neck pain.

Hands On Treatment
Physical Therapy Knee Assessment

Knee Pain Assessment

Hands on treatment is a large part of what we do as Physical Therapists.  Whether is it a deep massage, trigger point release, joint mobilisations, or various stretching techniques, we aim to put our hands on the problem and use this approach to reduce your pain and stiffness. With a reduction in pain and stiffness through hands on work, there is often a good change in symptoms and this allows you to get most of the sports pain rehabilitation exercises we prescribe for longer term relief.

Dry Needling
Performing Dry Needling

Performing Dry Needling

Dry Needling is part of our physical therapy treatments. It is the use of fine acupuncture needles to treat areas of dysfunction in the body. It is called ‘dry’ needling as it developed from an older practice of injecting trigger points. Trigger points are knots of tight tissue that are tender to touch which cause pain and dysfunction in the body. Today the injection (wet) is not used and instead fine needles (dry) are inserted into the painful area.

The needles affect the chemical mix of the trigger point causing them release and ease out. It is very useful for treating back pain and neck pain, sports injuries, and assisting with chronic pain syndromes. Many clients find that this is a very effective treatment for releasing tightness in tender or acute areas that can be too tender for hands on treatment.

In the clinic our Physical Therapy appointments combine dry needling with manual hands on treatment, laser therapy, and rehabilitation where appropriate. However if you don’t like needles we won’t use them on you.

The Irish Times did an article on acupuncture and dry needling in their health section July 2011.  They got some great feedback on the treatment from athletes like David Gillick. If you have any specific questions on dry needling please do not hesitate to contacts us.

Functional Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy for triathlon and swmmingA hugely important part of our Physical Therapy treatments is rehabilitation. In  the clinic we prescribe functional exercises i.e. exercises which support the physical requirements of your sport or daily life. We try to take a full body approach as often weakness or muscle balance in one area can be the root cause of pain in another, for example, imbalances in the muscles stabilising the leg can be cause of pain over the front of the knee or in the shin. We combine stretching, strengthening, postural and neuromuscular exercises with the aim of returning you stronger to sports / life.


Your tailored exercise plan is emailed to you after the appointment, we do not hand out generic exercise programmes.

Testimonial #1

I attended Karen weekly in the run up to my last marathon and Karen was very effective in ensuring my body was able to recover quickly from my long runs. I have no hesitation recommending the Maple Clinic – Matt

Testimonial #7

Effective, progressive treatments delivered with clear communication of what is being done and why it’s important. No nonsense ankle fixing. – Brian O’Doherty

Testimonial #6

Good advice and good work, do the exercises they give you, they work! – Terry O’Connor

Testimonial #5

Turn up, get a straight answer and get fixed in no time; can’t ask for any more! – Kevin Marnane

Testimonial #4

Fantastic. Super professional, effective treatment, good value and really flexible hours. Couldn’t fault it – Ruth McKenna

Testimonial #3

“I just wanted to let you know that I completed my ‘big’ cycle, Le Marmotte last week-end…without any aches or pains and I actually enjoyed the (long!) day. Thank you; it made a big difference.” – Deirdre

Testimonial #2

I have no hesitation recommending The Maple Clinic to anyone looking for a thorough and personable approach to physical therapy – Brian Geraghty

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